What September means to me...

We are way into the middle of the second half of the year; and this is usually the time where a lot of reflection goes on; where a lot of keeping up/catching up and meeting up are attempted ~ because you probably feel you haven't done enough and you are probably getting left behind in trends, in achievements and by friends. The time comes when we realize we haven't achieved up to half the things we planned to at the beginning of the year and the years before, and we made some choices that rather than making our lives better;
they screwed us.
But when that time comes,
don't let it be a moment of darkness.
Don't let it pull you to depression and sad tears.
To unending shame and self-loathing
But let it be a moment of victory, where you are grateful, to God.
A moment of thankfulness.
A moment of light when you see things clearly, and you then realize,
That you are alive despite everything you've been through that has made this year so painful;
That you have survived through all the mistakes you've made, and all the hate you've received and you've showed you. 
And you realize further that you've been given another chance to make it work,
another chance to smile again, and laugh again, and love yourself, and love others,
Another chance by God, our maker.
Don't let your past, or your now or the world cheat you from knowing God.
All you have to do is ask for His help, truly.
I am sure He'll be there.

So now that we have a new moment, a new day, a new week, a new month and a new life.
Don't try to make it work because of keeping up, 
Don't try to make it work because you want to prove a point,
to downers.
But because of you and the great plan God has for your life.
Stop looking down at yourself, your past has passed
Your mistakes are gone with the wind. 
Just take a breadth.

 Remember, being alive is a gift from God. A gift that represents so many things; love, hope, second chances, strength, renewal, growth, dreams finally being a reality, responsibility.
But you should realize too, sometimes you might fall while even walking on the right  path, but encourage yourself to get up and keep walking towards the goal of a joyful life.
Stay blessed, God loves you no matter what!

P.s ~ so long you are alive, you've been given the chance to make that good work!
Uzoezi J.


  1. Definittely Uzzy!!!Well written.I think everyone has moments when they jump into the 'could have been by now' mode but when I find myself down there I just count blessings and see what the Lord has done for me. Especially because I like to achieve and over achieve if I can, sometimes I feel that life and its happenings have slowed me down in some areas and have fastened me unto others which I never imagined, for me generally I think its a win-win, the Lord has been good!



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