LFW; Peter Jensen Spring 2014 favorites.

The collection has this feminine and fashionable feel- its like the diary of a cool urban fashion girl/woman. She's shy, but doesn't hesitate to show she's expressive and self assured through her fashion statements; or she's confident but she's not cocky about it. Whatever the case, it comes down to one thing ~ she is a cool, feminine and confident woman. She could wear shorts but pair it with flats, she could wear a jacket like everyone else, but her choice of colour is unique, its deep.
Rather than wavy hair, she opts for a blown out big hair. 
Rather than a very low neck revealing a lot, she chooses a high round neck. 
Rather than a very short dress, she chooses a midi.
She chooses a medium heel, rather than a 3" so she doesn't get angry at her favorite piece when she finds it hard to walk.
 But she makes sure its bold enough to embody her lovely personality, her fashionable personality.
 She just loves fashion and its like art to her. 
That's why she would wear a gown, a skirt or a t-shirt with a big cartoonish portrait on it; Or wear large stripe prints, on slimmer stripe prints. 
She's adventurous, she's happy and she loves living her life. Her wardrobe is not necessarily expensive, its not about the price tag, or the label name, its the connection she gets when she meets a piece. 
They become instant friends and choose to live together for however long they can. If she can't afford it, she's still happy, and uses it to inspire her. If she can afford it, she's grateful to God, and goes home a piece or more richer.

These are my favorite pieces from the collection but you can see the rest here.
So what are your thoughts about this collection?


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