Today's style inspiration ~ Lupita Nyong'o stuns in Prada Gown

Lupita Nyong'o wore this lovely Prada gown for the "Twelve years a slave" premiere. She looks breathtakingly gorgeous and her silhouette is just beautiful.
According to her stylist, Lupita has a very feminine style. One can see that from her choice of wardrobe. The length and colour of the dress has this overall ethereal and elegant look. The high round neck flatters her neck line and the gold embellishments on the dress are on the right places ~ giving a delicate, yet bold contrast. She looks angelic! And the gold clutch is a perfect accent.

Here are some of her other looks,

Style tips;
Having that glowing look, like Lupita's, doesn't just come from what you put on, but what you are putting it on ~ your skin! Its always good to moisturize and oil your skin (I use Neutrogena body oil combined with castor oil and olive oil daily) for that healthy sheen and elasticity. For African skin, a well moisturized and oiled skin does more than shining; it glows and has a beautiful richness. 
If you are used to wearing neutral tones or colours that just blend with your skin, you might want to try some contrast for some new feel and fashion adventure. White is usually a very good contrast on dark skin. Then when combined with gold, it gives that oomph! Try wearing brighter colours, colourful geometric and floral patterns for some happy vibes and a confident look. The contrast they create do a great job of flattering your skin tone.
Stay blessed loves, would appreciate your thoughts on this.


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