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I always like to keep my makeup simple, and sometimes I skip it so I don't get 'addicted' to the good looks of makeup. Regardless, its always good to know how to do some certain things so you don't get stranded when you need them. Doing a smoky eye shouldn't be a look you carry everyday, because the day you fail to do it, people might not recognize you as you might come off as looking sick/pale. Alternate between more serious makeup and light makeup, but more of light makeup to flatter your natural features and not cover them. For when you will need to do that smoky eye, here's a step by step pictorial to show you just how. Just make sure you have a black eye pencil, eye shadow powder, an eye shadow brush and a good makeup remover (you can try this Neutrogena product for a start and continue if it soothes your skin, or use any other good product you find). Make this a fun try-out so you don't get worked up if you aren't getting it well enough, at least that's what the make up remover is for (to facilitate a retry).

Image source; BeautifulShoes.

 For your tools, use the eye liner to line the eyes, the eye shadow brush for applying and blending the powder and the liner. There are different types of eye shadow brushes, but what you need for a start is the smoky eye brush.

Smoky Eye Brush
Buxom smoky eye brush.

Eye Liner
Any of this three will do; either the pen, the pencil or the liquid eyeliner. For the smokey eye, I prefer the first two.

Image source ~ Elf ~Alva ~Mua

When you finally get a hang of it, do some little experiments by layering your choice of a coloured eyeshadow with the black one and see what results you get. The rule is to just have some fun, and in the midst of all the 'fun-having', you will get a look you love that's easy to achieve. Hope this is helpful.
Have a blessed sunday,
Uzoezi J.


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