Squinch your way to a perfect Photo

I took a selfie a while back that I really loved. I know I did something but couldn't tell what it was. So when I saw this photography how-to video by Photographer Peter Hurley, it got me smiling. You now that feeling you get when you think you know something but aren't really sure, then when you see it; you realize what it was. It just came to me, I squinched! 
According to Hurley, its all about the eyes, its all about the squinching. I'm sure you are probably wondering what squinching is. It is a way you lower your eyelids to give a confident and calm look, but not too much to cause a squint. Check out this video to see just how its done. 

Try it and see, and let us know what you think; plus share, if you found it helpful.


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