Its amazing how grown up and evolved we will be in some more years. I remember when I was younger, and dressing up wasn't just for that wink I’d give myself in the mirror, but also to get boys attention . Yep, I said it!
Whenever I could, I'd try to wear anything that looked skimpy. I didn't have much clothes then, a verdict I passed on myself seeing as I didn't like the ones I had. I saw them as ''oldschool'' and unattractive. Then, the phrase for such clothes would have been "its not reigning or raining" (we never thought of it ever being written down, God knows how we would have spelt it, raining would have been nice though, lol). Seeing as mum and I didn't share thesame sentiments, I wasnt expecting any ''reigning clothes'' anytime soon, so I went D-I-Y ~ so started my on and off relationship with tailoring (more off than on though). I used old fabrics laying around the house to make skirts, and my go to style was short skirts, maxi skirts with high slits; but not like Angelina Jolie's. When it came to tops, I respected myself and stayed with sleeveless. A year or so after, after some not so pretty experiences, I realized its not boy’s time yet, and even when it is, I wasn’t going to be perceived as desperate. So, I wasn’t trying to get boys attention anymore, I just focused on my studies and didnt beat myself up about my dresses anymore. So fast forward 15 years later, I still love fashion, but if I don't have what's trending I'll happily live. I'm happy I made the descision I did then, realising there's time for everything. I was thirteen at the time. And as much as I felt I knew my boundaries, If I had stayed on that path, I could have been lost now as my boundaries would have crumbled under pressure. I had to let go of that for a better life. 

All images are from Kayture

She's wearing; Top ~ Zara, Pants ~ Sandro, Boots ~ Balenciaga, Bag ~ Phillip Lim, Bracelets ~ Vita Fede


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