Kate Hudson and Genevieve Nnaji in High Low dresses.

I just stumbled upon this Genevieve Nnaji 's picture of her attending the GTB Fashion and Design week in Lagos and it reminded of a picture I had of Kate Hudson wearing a high low or tapered dress. She wore it to a Novak Djokovic Foundation event earlier this year, and I thought she looked stunning. I love both looks, I feel they both have their moments. While Genevieve's look is pretty laidback (almost too laidback, but feels very perfect for chic drop-ins), Kate Hudson's is more fitting for a red carpet event. It has more glamour as offered by the length of the dress and the detailing in front. This doesn't take away from the simplicity, but gives it some red carpet glamour. And, the high round neck gives more definition and edginess to her neck.

Like I said earlier, I love both looks. Genevieve's look stays simple and chic, but personally, I think it lacks the glamour part fitting for a red carpet. Her look seems really toned down. She could have raised the bar higher with some accessories on the neck region, and an updo for added elegance, and still look simple, but glamourous. 

While I know styling is not an easy job, and for celebs its even tougher as there is a lot of lens into their everyday life, it would be better to take styling as part of your everyday life and not something you are doing because you want people to throw a lot of gorgeous comments your way. That way you will still be happy whatever the result is. At the ending of the day, it comes down to one thing, being comfortable in what you are wearing. And honestly, they both look comfortable, beautiful and decent. And that definitely radiates positively in how they carry themselves. Find your comfort zone and have great fun with it, and so you don't look misplaced, maintain a good deal of relevance by balancing trends and passion. 
So what are your thoughts here, and which is your favorite look? 


  1. Hmm....Its a little difficult picking whose style love the most because both of them have worn it in different ways. having said that i think I'll have to tilt a little more towards Kate. She looks very like she is dressed for the red carpet..she has some bedazzled/ blings on,simple hair/ up-do, flawless make up, spot-on shoes...everything just works well. I'll agree with you that Genevieve didn't look like she was dressed for the red carpet. she looked quite bland even though she is wearing yellow which should be loud enough.



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