Today's style inspiration ~ Ashley Madekwe in high necked midi length gown!

Owing to my strong affinity for classy feminine looks, this one wasn't hard to fall in love it. Ashley Madekwe pairs a high round neck midi form-fitting gown (a style trend I'm presently loving) with a jacket and purple Manolo's. She looks so relaxed and comfortable where she is. The colour of the clothes and the shoes contrast themselves well enough without one being louder than the other; they just complement each other perfectly.

Style tip;
Use colours to express the moods you want to feel. People usually say they dress how they feel, but a better way is to dress how you want to feel. If you feel stressed, you can dress up in ways that have a calming effect on you. If you want to feel happy, put pieces together that would make you smile and giggle, pieces that you love, so when you put them together you feel nothing but love and happiness for you ~ don't constrain yourself to norms, but at the same time don't throw caution to wind and dress inappropriately because when people start throwing you the ugly stares, you wouldn't like it and that can be overall depressing. Try to dress not to blend into the moment, but to own it.

I believe that fashion is not just about wearing fabulous pieces and following trends, Fashion can actually have a positive change in your life, using it in the right way. 

So what do you think about this look?


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