music spotlight; Fantasia- loose to win!

Just seeing Fantasia's other single off of her Side effects of you album and my ear can't just get enough.
 The music has this laid back vintage rock and soul appeal which she carried through with her 20's style.  Yeah right, I'm feeling my woman Tasia, but I ain't feeling that short skimpy Beyonceish thingy she's wearing. But Tasia, I love your gold dress; like a true R n B Queen.
 Hush, hush, hush, enough of my ramblings! Listen and drop what's on your mind!

Me singing;
"If he makes you cry, cry, cry
All you do is fiiiiight
Cant get no sleep at niiiight
Sometimes you gotta Loooose to Win again"

(My daughters won't hear a word today, its me and Fantasia today!) lol



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