Last week bag loves!

My love for fashion takes me to known and unknown places where I usually stumble upon beautiful things. Stumbling upon these things doesn't mean I have to get them. Thank God I know the difference between what I can have now and what I can have in time. I just let them inspire me and connect me closer to what my dreams are; and I'm getting closer everyday. So just a tip, whenever you see something you like but can't have at the moment, don't give up or feel underachieved. Just keep working hard at that positive dream of yours and voila, it will be yours with God blessing your efforts. And hey, don't forget to say your prayers to God; He's real. 

What I love;
 The colourful geometric pattern and the woolen texture.

Designer; Aldo
What I love;
The cream lace and gold is such a perfect combination, different and classy!

Designer; Hermes
What I love;
I love anything animal skin, so loving this was just so natural. Simple and elegant!

 Designer; J. Mendel
What I love;
It's retro and chic vibes just makes it very appealing, plus I love the nude colour!

Designer; Louis Vuitton
What I love;
Love how the black, brown and gold colour combines to create such feelings of richness, quality and contrast. It reminds of having very rich creamy dark chocolate drink! lol

Designer; Moschino
What I love;
Its cuteness, the colour, the stitching design on the leather and the chain handle! Plus its Moschino (lol)

What I love;
The fact that its a half knit bag scores big on textures for me! Plus the colours of the bag just seems to have the ability to infect you with happiness. Also loving that cute Moschino duck Iphone5 case.

Designer; Roberto Cavalli
What I love;
Love the print and the gold chain!

From TopShop,
What I love;
Loving the combination of the different textures, the chamfered shape, plus the colour! Yeah, I love nude colours.

Stay Blessed, 
Uzoezi J.
p.s. drop whatever's on your mind!


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