I always find myself not wanting to do things because others are doing it, or not wanting to follow trends because others are following it. How weird is that? lol. Even though there are some trends that are so cool, I embrace them. I just always want my things to look different, exceptional and unique. I am a stickler for quality, and with whatever little or much I have, I try my best to make it exquisite and very tasteful. Sometimes quality is a pain in the ass, of course, because of the time it takes to put out something really great. But in the end, it always pays- yours will certainly be oustanding. Fashion is one of those things I questioned myself about alot. I didn't want to find myself doing something because I used to love it a lot when I was little. Or doing it because others are loving it. If I wasn't feeling it anymore, it just has to go. I think the ice breaker for me was when I realized if I was ever googling anything or looking up anything online, you can be 95% sure it will be about fashion.  
Despite the fact that I love fashion (especially clothes), what makes it special to me is the fact that I see fashion as a form of expression and a tool for change. Yes, fashion can have a positive impact in your life. There is a thin line between loving fashion and being vain. You need to know the difference and not cross it, because when you do, your life looses meaning and value.
I especially love the show, "How do I look?" I love how it takes people through an amazing process of discovery ~ realising that you can look better and feel better. A transformation that builds self esteem and self appreciation and self beauty. Fashion is that for me, a pedestal for positive living. I dress consciously, not to follow any trend but to be happy inside and inspire people to do thesame. 
I think this image@Jadorefashion expresses this thought perfectly. 

Please follow this link to view the full outfit @ Jadore-Fashion.
Here's to hoping that fashion is much more than looking good to you, but a more conscious effort to have an impactful and beautiful life. 


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