Dapper; Louis Vuitton Dope bags!

Now you can have a closer look at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Menswear 2014 collection. Dope bags, cool shoes, cute cuff links (and yes there is nothing wrong associating cute to men, its cute (lol)). So now I am saying, its cute associating cute to men (silly!). 
The bags are totally suited for work and travel and would certainly always make a classy, matured and tasteful  statement. Just don't go about saying; ooh I am carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. Let it speak for itself- Louis Vuitton made sure of it. Anyway, always carry a good dose of humility while you are looking so dapper, so you don't turn dapper into 'ugleeeeness'.

love these cuff links and bag details.

You can watch the video of the show here.

God's Love, Uzoezi J.


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