Bird of Paradise- Christian Dior's Exotic Beauty

Having drawn inspiration from the peacocks feathers, this collection urges us to explore new themes in beauty; new colours to live with (because these are absolutely beautiful colours). From the peacock green nail polish, to the blue and hibiscus pink eye shadows, to the coral lipsticks, these colours are set to add a good dose of edginess, sophistication to the life you lead. They are new, cool and very rich. I am so loving the peacock green nail polish! Gonna rock it# 

If you can't get these Christian Dior (like me), you can try searching for the shades from other products.

Just Thinking;
Life is too unpredictable to be predictable, try new things every day, make your life colourful; but that doesn't mean doing dangerous and bizarre things. It means living your life in such away, that you don't have any regrets, knowing that you did all the good things you set your heart to do, and you don't end up wishing you had done this or had tried that.
And please, while you doing your thing, show some love to the people around you. Love is what we need in this world. God's kind of love. Love your neighbors as you do you (Mark 12:20-21)!


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