Some beautiful close up shots from Bottega Veneta spring 2014!

Here are some interesting details from the Bottega Veneta spring 2014 collection. The details vary from pleats to frills, to colours and textures. I especially love the brilliance of this burnt orange jumpsuit, combining a deepness in colour with thin pleats and hanging threads (giving a feather-like look), and of course, a very desirable belt and complimenting handbag. The look evokes that feeling of chic-maturity and exotic-ness ~ if you would permit me to use that word.

The clutches and neck pieces have this retro vibe, that reminds me of a belt my mum used to have many years go. In place of the circle as the buckle. it was fingers intertwined ~ it was pretty brilliant.

I love how the pleats and frills were used to give the skirts a lot of life and character, just by using them in differing proportions and sizes. 

My adoration for simple shoes have no boundaries. I especially love it when textures are used to compliment simplicity, you know, like in a marrying kind of way - creating something seamless. The shoes may have a simple look, but being a sling back and having a woven textured look scores huge for me. To me, these shoes can never grow old. They are ageless! And they are so perfect for work. I especially love the one with the little heel.

While the shoes have a simple but chic look, the varied textures, embellishments and patterns of the bags, makes them a perfect choice to be paired with the shoes.

Asides from my personal appreciation of the pieces, I deeply appreciate that the show focused on the designs, and there was not one indecent exposure, no distraction. In which, sometimes I wonder if the designers are showing off their pieces or "something else, something private". I think private things should be kept private. A hat off to Bottega Veneta.
Check out the full collection here 
Stay blessed loves!


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