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Hello my dearest friends. its the new year; So grateful to God that I and my blessed family are a part of this new season. So, happy happy happy new year to you and you are most welcome to my blog; which of course has been in the works for the past three-to four months and it still is  (my husband has been on my track pushing me to start it). Phenomenal woman is my humble contribution to lifestyle through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And yes, I believe in Jesus, He is the son of God- the creator of the world. Don't be deceived that there is no God- just ask yourself how did the plants, the mountains, the animals and you come to being? Somebody made them, just like the house you live in was built by someone, the materials and tools used to build that house was made by someone. If you look around, its like our world is a cycle of "someone made". Why should the world we live in be any different? We are simply taking an unconscious cue from our maker. We are all little makers just like Him- its just the way we were made. Oops! I am deviating from my earlier message- but I just had to tell you about Jesus (He's been there for me even when I thought I was so far away)
Anyways, back to wishing you a happy happy new year, and once again welcome to Phenomenal Woman. I know every woman is made to be phenomenal, we just have to see ourselves through the eyes of our maker. Have a blessed and extraordinary year.


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